TW Rape
A collection of just SOME of the hateful comments left on a video report of the #jadapose rape case. For any one who thinks rape apology, victim blaming and rapid victim mistrust aren’t still thriving within our society. I should mention there were also A tonne of people speaking up for and defending Jada, however, there shouldn’t be a need to defend a victim from rape apologists, because that mentality should NOT exist. 

kill every single goddamn one of these worthless sacks of horse shit

"kill the dicks!" Is all ure comments sound like…
Nt for rape. it’s bad. the guys who were prob drunk that commited these sexual acts on jada should have better judgment when intoxicated! Wait…. THIS IS EVRYONES FAULT INVOLVED AND ALL SHOULD BE PUNISHED.

(via itsjusttwofingers)

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